10 Meditation Scripts for personal & professional use

Andrew Neel


These guided meditation scripts can act as a foundation for your mindfulness practice. Whether it is to lead your clients, grow your business, improve your well-being, or serve as inspiration for your own scripts. These scripts are also designed with the purposeful intent to transition well into the medium of voice recordings.

Scripts Included:

  • Deep Sleep
  • Chronic Pain
  • Body Acceptance
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Pregnancy
  • Breathing Meditation
  • How to meditate
  • Meet your Higher Self
  • Forgiveness
  • Ending the day with Gratitude
Who are these scripts for?

Meditation lovers, meditators, teachers, yoga instructors, coaches, therapists, voiceover artists, podcasters, writers, athletes, app developers, bloggers, sellers, and many more! Anyone who wants to learn how to meditate or use them for stress and anxiety relief. The commercial license is included in your purchase.

What can you do with the scripts?

✓ Read them aloud for individuals or groups. These guided meditations were uniquely formatted to make them easy for you to read.
✓ Create audio and video recordings that you can use for your business (including apps, YouTube, courses, and podcasts). You can share these recordings online and/or play them during sessions you lead.
✓ Use these scripts in courses you create, share, and sell.
✓ Use these scripts privately and with your clients.
✓ Use these scripts as inspiration for your own meditations.

What can't you do with the scripts?

✗ You cannot re-sell these scripts in their original format, copied, or re-branded (including no re-sales on Etsy).
✗ You cannot copyright the content as your own.

I want this!

You will receive 10 PDF Files after purchase.


10 Meditation Scripts for personal & professional use

I want this!