Binaural Beats Zoning Meditation - Reset Your Mind

Andrew Neel

Reboot your mind with brainwaves and try zoning meditation!

When you listen to binaural beats, your left and right ear receive slightly different frequencies of sound. The difference between the two frequencies is known as the binaural beat—a third frequency that only your unconscious brain registers. It’ll sound like a tone that gets softer and louder throughout the track.

Some benefits of binaural beats include:

Increased creativity and cognitive enhancement

Reduced anxiety and improved mood

Helping you enter a meditative state

Improved sleeping habits

Helping to improve focus, attention, and memory retention

The reactions to the beats vary from one individual to another. Individuals need to experiment with different binary beats to find ones that suit them. The effectiveness of binaural beats depends on the listener. 

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Binaural Beats Zoning Meditation - Reset Your Mind

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